Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peanut Butter Snowflake Blossoms

I made these cookies for my students the last week of classes and they disappeared pretty fast--but when are peanut butter blossoms ever neglected? 

I'd like to drawn attention to the fact that I made these the last week of classes, which means they came from a mix, and I'm totally not ashamed. They're adorable. But this also means I took pictures on my kitchen counter as I was rushing out of the door, so my apologies. 

1pkg Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
Dove Dark Chocolate Snowflake Pieces

OVEN: 375F
BAKE: 10-11min
YIELD: 2 Dozen

1. Mix cookies according to the directions and chill for about half an hour.

2. Roll cookies into 1" balls and then bake. 

3. Unwrap the chocolates (there are 35 in a bag, so you can eat some..). These are so cute I kind of can't stand it.. 

4. As soon as the cookies come out, lightly press the chocolate onto the top and let cool. Or, if you're pressed for time (like I was) throw them in the freezer for about ten minutes. 

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