Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toffee Logs

As you can probably tell if you follow this blog, I have a serious love of heath bar. I know, I know, what am I, 64? I fell in love with the candy back during my Dairy Queen days (have a heath bar sundae with hot fudge, seriously) and I just can't get enough. I found these special Hershey's Nuggets candy bars in Price Chopper one day and knew they needed to be stuffed into a nice, dark brown sugar-butter cookie. And so they were. 

1.75c Flour
1/2c Dark Brown Sugar
1/2c Butter (softened)
1 Egg
1/2tsp Baking Powder
1/4tsp Salt
Hershey's Nuggets Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Almonds
Dark Melting Chocolate 
Crushed Heath/Toffee Bits

OVEN: 350F
BAKE: 12-13min
YIELD: ~2 Dozen

1. Combine sugar and butter in a standing mixer until smooth and fluffy.

2. Mix in egg, baking powder, and salt.

3. Incorporate flour and then refrigerate for at least an hour. 

4. While you're waiting, unwrap the chocolates and crush your heath bar (unless you have the "toffee pieces" bag like I did). 

5. To form the log, take enough dough to make a 1" ball and smoosh it in your hands. Place the chocolate piece on top, and then mold the dough around it. You should have enough dough to cover the chocolate completely (with no pieces showing) but not too much that it's super thick. You want to have just enough cookie because if the cookie is too thick you don't get a piece of chocolate in every bite, which is the goal. 

It's really important the dough is nice and cool for this or it'll be really hard to mold the cookies. If you think the dough gets too warm while you're handling it, stick the cookies in the fridge for about 15 minutes. 

6. Bake up and cool completely.

7. Melt your chocolate and then either spoon some chocolate on top or dip the top of the cookie into the bowl. 

8. Dip the cookie into crushed toffee bits and let dry. 

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